From a discussion to a drawing to a model to a prototype to a mold and now, to you.

Dragonfly Paddleboards are designed around fishing and touring. Why? Because we build fishing boats and we know what it takes to do so successfully. Applying that knowledge to a line of paddle boards came naturally to us. Our boards transport you, quietly, while granting all the stability you need.

We're located in Vero Beach, Florida, and each board is built individually. We know our boards and we know our customers. It's not a fit until it fits. Give us a call. We'll tell you all about a Dragonfly Paddle Board.

Polypropylene and vinyl-ester laminate - - 32-inch beam - - Floats 350 pounds - - Beaded foam core - - Deck padding - - Center and rear leash plugs - - Forward and rear carrying handles - - Removable 7" fin - - Anti-theft locking stainless ring - - Vented plug for storage and shipping
Rear Locking ring - - Front and rear carrying handles - - Drain plug

Techie 12'

As fishing from a paddle board continues to evolve, the crew at Dragonfly Paddle Boards has been busy designing a board just for the hard-core angler. The “I’m here to fish” purist. Let’s call it frill-free fishing. 

It’s here and it’s new and here’s how we did it: Using a twelve-foot hull we added two cubic square feet of forward dry storage (insulated for cooler use) and aft-wise a small circular well (pump is optional). To keep your feet and line and fish safe, we installed three flush-mounted rail systems. You can modify the board at will by choosing from an assortment of accessories…rod holders, camera mounts, etc. The board has a length of twelve feet with a thirty inch beam and is hand-crafted of vinyl ester resin with bi-directional fabric. And, need we add, the same quality that goes into all Dragonfly Boatworks’ products, goes into yours. 

Count on it: Building One of a Kind, One at a Time. 

Dragonfly 10' 0"

"The 13.6 is a big board! Can you build a 10 footer?" 

That's what we heard from those who didn't need the floatation capabilities of the 13.6. Our design team set out to make it happen with a 10' board bearing all the cool features of the heavier board but without the weight. She'll still float 300 pounds. 

Expect similar construction as the 13.6 with the same 32-inch beam. The bow allows water entry for a lighter person using the same "glide factor" as the big boards. 

Note the "yacht" finish non-skid along with a molded-in hand grab on this model. Included is a forward and rear leash plug to secure the board when traveling. 

It's all the fun of the 13.6, only lighter.

Polypropylene and vinyl-ester laminate - - 32-inch beam - - Floats 300 pounds - - Board weighs 35 pounds - - Beaded foam core - - Hard vinyl rub rail - - PDH (paddle dry hull) configuration - - Unique water shedding deck design - - Yacht finish non skid - - Front and rear leash plugs - - Centrally located hand grab - - Removable channel for fin - - Hull-to-deck seam screwed and glued - - Vented plug for storage and shipping - - Rear Locking ring - - Front and rear carrying handles - - Drain plug



Dragonfly 13' 6"

A board that glides effortlessly and how we did it. 

Start with the graceful lines of the bow which then curve back into the paddle-dry hull (PDH) and then continue on to a slight "V" bottom. These design features gave us the right shape. 

When you paddle you'll notice that you're staying dry. That's because we configured a deck to keep the water shedding down the sides and not over the top. Any water that does come over the front drains off quickly. You'll find yourself using less energy to go the distance. With a weight of 45 pounds and a beam of 32 inches the board can float up to 420 pounds. 

Are you a hardcore fisherman? Our bow is designed to eliminate hull slap at water entry bringing you closer to fish quietly. 

On long paddles your feet will thank you for the comfort afforded by rubber decking.

Take advantage of spots you couldn't reach in a kayak. Stand up on the 13.6 and see the water world below. Glide, paddle, fish...

Dragonfly Custom Fiberglass Paddleboards


Polypropylene and vinyl-ester laminate - - 32-inch beam - - Floats 420 pounds - - Board weighs 45 pounds - - Beaded foam core - - PDH (paddle dry hull) configuration - - Unique water shedding deck design - - Specialized rubber decking - - Front and rear leash plugs - - Centrally located hand grab - - Removable channel for fin Hard vinyl rub rail - - Hull-to-deck seam screwed and glued - - Vented plug for storage and shipping - - Rear Locking ring - - Front and rear carrying handles - - Drain plug


203 W Cotter Ave. , Port Aransas, TX 78373

Bi-directional glass and vinyl ester resin - - 30-inch beam - - Floats 320 pounds - - Board weighs approx 40 pounds - - Beaded foam core      PDH (paddle dry hull) - - Unique water shedding deck - - Ocean grip padding - - Removable fin system - - Hard vinyl rub rail - - Hull to deck glued and screwed - - Vented plug for storage and shipping - - 3 flush rail systems - - Large forward hatch - - Rounded livewell - - Rear Locking ring - - Front and rear carrying handles - - Drain plug

Dragonfly 11' 6"

Drifting back to the old days, the 11.6 is reminiscent of the early long board styles. It's a simple board without all the "stuff" and it's made in response to the many requests we get for traditional boards. We're not against adding competition stripes and/or floral decks... just ask. It bears our fine craftsmanship and a specialized platform to paddle, surf and drift.